The Anti Social Club brand has been very popular in today’s youth. Though the branding might seem uncreative, they seem to be doing something right. One question you might ask yourself; how could something like this be considered hyped? Well, when regarding Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) it’s interesting to ask why this brand became so popular over the past years. Although the brand lost a lot of its hype just recently, it’s rise to fame sparked some curiosity.

The brand as a whole is not the greatest role model to an aspiring brand when it comes to its longevity, but beside the negative remarks, there are still quite a few things to learn from the Anti Social Social Club’s abrupt hype. So in today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the factors that played in creating this very simple brand into a streetwear household name, as well as the factors that are leading this brand to their ultimate demise.


So, let’s dive into The Anti Social Social Club Analysis


Creator of the Anti-Social Social Club, Neek Lurk had a good amount of experience in the fashion industry due to his prior job working for Stussy as a marketing director. While being an employee for Stussy, Lurk used most of his free time taking pictures of L.A. and creating whatever he felt like. One day while using Photoshop, he decided to put his new brand, Anti Social Social Club, onto a t-shirt. From here, Lurk began quickly working on this brand as an outlet for his emotions, which he personally states. After working on the brand for some time, Lurk created ASSC hats that would later be worn by Kim Kardashian. This “sponsor” became a crucial moment for ASSC, as the brand saw new heights and became one of the most hyped phenomena in recent years.



  • Simple: Many might say that the reason for this brand’s outstanding popularity was due to its awkwardly simple logo. This is agreeable because in today’s modern streetwear scene simplicity is very alluring. Though ASSC might be bland and uninspiring, it can still grab attention through its simplicity.
  • Authentic: To some, ASSC represents the introverts of society who find it hard to connect themselves with most people. Neek Lurk, creator of ASSC, considered himself as an anti-social teen who had only a couple of friends growing up. This is important because Lurk understands those who might feel trapped from their social skills, making this brand relatable and authentic towards many people.
  • Collaborations: Since this brand has such a simple logo,  it can make an appearance on almost anything involving streetwear. In addition, ASSC has been featured on many iconic brands such as Undefeated, Nike, and BEAMS, which help contribute to the brand’s success.


Anti Social Social Club


  • Hype AF: Unfortunately, the reason for this brand’s ridiculous growth in the past years was due to its hype. With the right influencers, such as Kanye West, and it’s low price point. Though it seemed the brand knew how to sustain itself after it’s abrupt fame, the brand quickly lost attraction in 2017 after a lot of criticism which began surrounding it’s name.
  • Carelessness: Even though ASSC might not be as hyped anymore, they’re still thriving at the moment, but that could change if they don’t improve their quality control that is requested by demanding streetwear enthusiasts. People have received items damaged and ripped, some have received absolutely nothing from the brand and due to their lack of care, one case went as far as a person receiving their item with cigarette burns.
  • Creativity: Now, it’s understandable that the reason why ASSC’s became so popular with many influencers was due to its simplicity and its openness towards being socially impaired within its brand. Although ASSC did garner up a huge following because of their outright simplistic style, they lacked innovation. Probably in their perspective, they thought the brand had a universal meaning that would always be a reflection of the youth but when considering how the world works, everything ages and if there is no plan to make a brand stay youthful and relevant, people will soon grow tired of it. Though the meaning of ASSC should stay the same, the way that it is presented should change to keep the brand’s image new and refreshing. Since no new drops have been made, ASSC simply seems bland and lazy.
  • Customer Service: If you look at any successful brand that has been in the fashion industry for a long time, then you know that awful customer service is unheard of. Well, when it comes to ASSC good customer service as a whole is non-existent. They don’t send tracking numbers, canceling orders are impossible, and carelessness for products is still another factor when it comes to their so-called “customer service”.

To Sum Up

In a brief summary, Neek Lurk creator of ASSC created a promising brand that could’ve been an official fashion staple within the streetwear community. It had the audience, the meaning, and the simplicity but yet the brand chose to settle for less and is now sinking gradually towards ground zero. Though it could possibly find its way back into the hyped streetwear scene, many issues within ASSC need to be resolved. In saying that, the brand needs to pull itself together if it wishes to be present within the streetwear scene by developing their image and leaving their self-made cliche.


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