Los Angeles, the city that holds a formidable position in the international fashion map, features a comfortable climate and a vibrant street life, making this city open to variety. Hence, if you are aspiring to try the streetwear, you will hardly get a better place to try Los Angeles steetwear brands in any other city. To add on, you will be getting innumerable Los Angeles brands that will enable you to uphold your fashion pursuits before the World.

Taking from what was introduce, let’s discuss the leading Los Angeles streetwear brands representing the Los Angeles streetwear scene.

Tony Camaro

Though this brand came up in the market last Fall debuting with their Visions collection, the high quality and flawlessly perfect construction of Camaro’s apparels enable the brand to earn a massive popularity within the shortest time span. This brand enjoys collections that can be worn year round! Not only that but it has got a fashionable collection for people of all genders. Investing in these apparels, you are assured to get well made fashionable gear and with a reasonable price.

los angeles streetwear brands

Peas & Carrots International

The brand that enjoys equal demand among the enthusiasts of streetwear from home and abroad, these clothes are celebrated for its superlative quality. Flawlessly perfected in construction, this brand achieves a simple laid back design creating a friendly presence on the streetwear scene. In saying that, the brand uses its surrounding community by collaborating with such brands like The Hundreds and La MJC. In addition, just like its peers, Peas & Carrots have a wide variety of clothing. Also, at a very low cost, this brand is great for budgeted shopping.

los angeles streetwear brands
Image by The Hundreds


This Los Angeles-based brand of street apparel is especially popular among the youth for its classic Los Angeles streetwear vibe. Designed and developed by industry experts, this apparel comes in great quality, while being strongly oriented to the Hip Hop designs. Whether you like Dom Kennedy or Nipsey Hussle, this brands gives off a palm trees and west coast vibe making it an LA staple. To add on, if you love LA county’s southern district’s fashion, PhreshCru is something to look out for.

los angeles streetwear brands
Image by Phreshcru

Born X Raised

This brand focuses on the fashionable past and present of Los Angeles streetwear. Dating back to 2012, that brand gained a huge buzz after rapper Prodigy from Mobb Deep began wearing some of the brand’s pieces giving Born X Raised a sense of streetwear fashion credibility. Flash forward to today and the brand has received a lot of exposure in some mainstream media as well as being co-signed by Kendrick Lamar. Furthermore, Born X Raised has been able to enter into the world of streetwear fashion through its rebellious style towards men streetwear. In addition to the collection for men, this brand provides a ravishing collection for women and kids as well. Thus, you will be getting the complete solution for the dressing needs of all the members of your family.

los angeles streetwear brands
Image by Born X Raised

To Sum Up

These Los Angeles streetwear brands are undoubtedly probably one of the most recommended clothing lines in Los Angeles. In saying that, the brands that were discussed above should not disappoint your taste in fashion as they are a snapshot of modern Los Angeles streetwear.

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