If you’re reading this blog, then you probably understand that buying a Supreme item on drop day is hectic. Whether online or in stores, lines are tremendously long, servers crash dramatically, and products are gone within seconds. These factors lead the majority of buyers to resort to resale. Moreover, resale items can amount to absurd prices but most are willing to spend the extra cost. Though many will be satisfied with their purchases, others will encounter fakes. Having not only to deal with the disappoint of their purchase but also the huge loss of money that was spent.

So in the hope of avoiding that mess, We at Draped Up have a couple of tips for finding legit Supreme resellers. Also, we have a list of credible re-sellers that not only we have come to enjoy but others within the Supreme community have done so too.


So in saying that, let’s dive into the Legit Supreme Resellers we have laid out for you.


Purchasing Supreme Resale

When buying off the resale market, it is important that the seller you choose is credible. Though it is difficult to find credibility many can still manage their way to successfully find good resellers. The best advice we could possibly give is to research sellers you are interested in buying from by checking their feedback, their following, and try to contact the seller to get an idea of their professionalism. Another tip you can do that can be very helpful are forums on Reddit and Hype-beast. People here talk about in detail how to avoid fake supreme as well as getting scammed by resellers. Also many will recommend multiple sellers that have a strong following with legitimate credibility.

In addition, the most important factor that will determine whether or not you pick up on a legit item is the research you put into finding it, best places to start is by joining a forum community that can you lead to the right places. With all that being said, we at Draped Up have some recommendations for reseller sites that are highly credible and well known in the Supreme community. We hope that these resellers are helpful and easy going, avoiding any need for stress when buying resale.


Supreme Resellers

The following websites are considered as Legit Supreme resellers and though prices may be high the pieces are always credible.


Project Blitz

Heat Club




The following is a list of Legit Supreme resellers from eBay.




To Sum Up

When buying Supreme from the resale market, most don’t take into consideration of the high possibilities of getting scammed, as many do not do the research that’s needed. In saying that, people who do take the time to research the resellers they are interested in will eventually find a credible plug. If you feel though as if you can’t find one legit Supreme reseller please use the resellers we have provided for you above.

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