“ I chose to create this brand based on my need to constantly remind myself, not to let self-doubt or dream killers stop me from accomplishing the goals that I set for myself. I want to encourage everyone to Keep Going. I want to live in a world where everyone unlocks their true potential.” Ceddy, Owner/Founder/Creative Director of Keep Going Studios (KGS) From Dallas TX.

Keep Going Studios

Simple, attractive, and trendy, KGS is a creative brand that targets the idealist of the world who are on the grind for their dreams and goals. Taking inspirations from influencers such as Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and A$AP Mob,  KGS surrounds itself with those who have the courage to follow their dreams and to not let others stomp on them. With such great positivity and a conscious act of inspiring, KGS is most definitely a brand to sport. 

Located in Dallas Texas, KGS brings an honest and simple style to the streetwear culture by creating ideal clothing that anyone could fit. With its awesome streetwear vibe that can be seen with such pieces like the Allen Iverson Tee, the brand has potential to make an impactful image with a strong purpose. In saying that, the pictures below illustrate what the brand represents and what it wants to achieve.  



To Sum up

If you’re looking for something simple with a kick of motivation, KGS is a great brand to shop at. Though the brand is still in its infant stages, KGS is on the grind to add more pieces on its site. With that being said the items that can be bought now have a casual and versatile look that can go with almost any fit. Moreover, KGS is once again a simple and positive brand that hopes to inspire those with a dream.

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