About a few years back, streetwear was barely on the rise. In terms of English and American fashion, the western streetwear scene forecasted an unexpected shift for foreign streetwear. Fast forward to today and streetwear has become a global phenomena, showing strong popularity within many countries.

In the recent years, Japan quickly gripped onto to this rising fashion culture and did not waste any time to create a delightful amount of streetwear clothing through their top brands. Japan demonstrated that Japanese streetwear brands could cover a huge variety of attitude and styles. In saying that, there are a couple of brands that stand out in particular when talking about Japanese streetwear as these have recently shown their potential in becoming the streetwear influencers of 2017.


So let’s check out the 4 Japanese Clothing Brands of 2017.


Japanese streetwear

Monkey Time

If you are looking for something special and unique in Japanese fashion then Monkey Time is the brand for you. Being one of the leading Japanese clothing brands in today’s fashion culture, the brand has shown itself to be a Japanese fashion staple. With huge collaborations from streetwear icons like Adidas and Stampd, Monkey Time continues to remain relevant in the streetwear scene. With such dominant brands noticing the potential of Monkey Time it is obvious that this fashion staple is something you should definitely invest in.


Japanese streetwear


Created in 1994 by Shinsuke Takizawa, Neighborhood was one of the first streetwear brands from Japan. The brand established a new standard for Japanese clothing. This fashion brand was part of the Harajuku streetwear scene in Tokyo, which gained notoriety for its creative approach toward the streetwear scene. For example, Neighborhood borrowed the style of Classic American themes: motorcycle, sweats, headwear, leather jackets, flannels and finally workwear influences. In today’s culture, Neighborhood has only achieved more success and created better pieces within its brand. No questions asked on why this brand is considered an important figure in the Japanese fashion culture.


Japanese streetwear

White Mountaineering

Based in Tokoyo, White Mountaineering is a popular outdoor urban brand that you should definitely look out for. Founded by Yosuke Aizawa, this staple is uniting the demand of aesthetic and clothing performance. Dealing with the technical fabrics like Polar fleece, GORE-TEX, and corduroy, this brand demonstrates their investment towards the customer by creating comfortable and relevant styled clothing. If you consider yourself to be one who loves to look good while being in the outdoors then check out White Mountaineering immediately!


Japanese streetwear

Mihara Yasuhiro

Mihara Yasuhiro, a Japanese streetwear outlier that simply can’t be ignored. This brand separates itself from other clothing brands by mixing urban aesthetics and fabrics with traditional Japanese styled silhouettes. For Instance, most of their track pants collection has a wide leg aesthetic replicating traditional Japanese clothing while adding a subtle modern twist. Moreover, The brand has many more traditional aesthetic clothing. Each selection can be represented as the epitome of true Japanese fashion, which makes this brand an instant eye-catcher.

To Sum Up

Japan has become an important figure in the modern streetwear culture, and it’s obvious why. With brands like the four that were mentioned above, we are able to observe strong proof that Japan has a strong presence in the streetwear scene. Japan also has a tremendous respect for the craft of creating streetwear clothing. In addition, these brands share a lot of variety. With such attributes, we can considered these brands the best choices for this year’s Japanese clothing brands of 2017

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