People who know how to resell sneakers have begun doing hefty business in their own underground economy. It’s not uncommon to see one reseller make a substantial amount of profit, selling Jordans for $2500. Due to the high demand for sneakers, countless of people are flipping these items in order to make a comfortable living or some extra cash. With that being said, since so many people are making a worthy amount of money off of extremely hyped sneakers, it would probably be nice to learn how to make a few extra bucks in this resale community. Though this market is prosperous, not everyone can make a living out of this golden age of resale but for those who want to know how to resell sneakers while making extra pocket change, we have a couple of tips to help you in your journey of flipping shoes.


So let’s get right into the topic – How To Resell Sneakers


how to resell sneakers
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Take A Good Picture

When reselling you need to make your products appealing. The reason why most people buy or even click on an item is due to its attractiveness. In saying that, your sneakers need to be on point and clean, don’t overlook this tip. P.S. keep your angle, lighting, and background consistent so that buyers can see your products as authentic sneakers and not scams.


Reputation Is Key

Due to the many fakes that are out their in the resell game, many buyers stick to resellers who are known to be legit within the community. In order to build a reputation, you can join social groups online that will legitimize you as a credible seller by snooping around sites like Reddit or Facebook.


Sell At A Reasonable Price

Understand the market, if others are flipping Nike X Off-White Prestos at $1,500, stick to that price. Sure it may be tempting to push the market just a little in order to get some extra pay but competition is too high and if your price doesn’t meet the standards of the market then most likely you won’t be selling a goddamn thing. In addition, people hate resellers who try to low-ball which can affect any seller’s reputation.


how to resell sneakers

Get A Plug

In order to stay consistent in this game, you need a plug. The reason for a plug is so that you can get multiple pairs of the hottest sneakers before they come out. With that being said, getting yourself a plug will be the hardest obstacle you’ll come by when reselling. The best advice we can give you is to do your research and make as many connections as you can.

Have the determination to succeed

As a reseller of sneakers, you want to make a profit from your business. All those who approach you, cannot be potential buyers. Some may tease you, others may find fault with you or even try to discourage you. But you must have strong determination to succeed. Resellers must be confident in their selling abilities and also they must have the patience to deal with people who may make their job harder.

To Sum Up

Whether you want to make a living out of reselling sneakers or just make some extra cash that can flow through your pocket, use these tips to get yourself started.

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