Learning how to make a wardrobe from scratch can be tough for some of us. Especially if we have little knowledge of dressing “fresh”. Constantly stunning photos of perfectly matched and layered outfits overrun our social media feeds on a daily basis. With such inspirational influencers priding our feeds, it can be easy to get carried away into thinking that we can pull off that same outfit. In reality, we all have a certain style that we should  take the time to discover.

In saying that, although those insta-models with jaw-dropping outfits are admirable, they should be looked at with caution and used only as inspiration when building your own personalized basic wardrobe. What newcomers of the streetwear scene need to focus on are the basic essentials that are needed in order to create a successful foundation. Lucky for you, we at Draped Up have created a guide giving direct suggestion on how to make a wardrobe from scratch.


When creating your wardrobe, you do not have to restrict yourself to this guide but we recommend that you at least follow the majority of this reading. Streetwear can be at times intimidating when not matched properly and we want you to be able to match your outfits correctly without overdoing it. Moreover, what you learn today will be focused on creating a simple, while lasting wardrobe that is geared towards streetwear aesthetics and simplicity.

With that being said, let’s get right into this guide on how to make a wardrobe from scratch.




To kick it off, outerwear has to be the most stylish out of the following sections and since winter is right around the corner, outwear pieces are a definite essential.

  • Hard Shells: These jackets and windbreakers are great for any rainy or cold weather. For newcomers, we recommend that you buy a black hard shell as a starting point, then experiment with other colors.
  • Bomber/Varsity: What’s so great about these cropped styled jackets is the freedom it gives. Bomber/Varsity jackets allow for awesome layering, which gives us the ability to play with silhouettes. For bomber jackets, we suggest a black or green color and for Varsity’s, try classic colors like red on white or blue on white. If you want a minimalistic style go with an all black varsity.
  • Leather Jackets: WIth these jackets, you have two options to choose from, moto or double rider. Personally, we think the moto leather jacket suit newcomers far better than the double rider but if you choose the double rider it’s perfectly fine. Recommended colors are Brown and Black.
  • Parkas: An essential for the colder months, especially up north, these jackets have astounding versatility. Snorkel and Fishtail styles are very popular and widely recommended but since this is streetwear try out the oversized style to get an idea of what streetwear is all about. Again black colored parkas are the best choice but olive will also get the job done.



When it comes to tops, the fit is very important. You should look for a top that is fitted on the shoulders with a looser and longer fit at the bottom. To keep this style basic, start with monochrome colors that are solid. They have the best versatility, which is highly recommended. Once you’ve established this fit you can work your way towards other colors as well as graphics tops. If you do buy graphic tops after you’ve got your basics, be aware of what brand you decide to buy from.

Brands and designs have a strong presence on the streetwear scene. If your brand is not up to part, expect a lot of shade from the community. P.S. If you buy graphic tops or anything from our site, our community will tell you what’s hot from our streetwear vendors. By the way, we’re not saying that you should follow what’s popular, but if it concerns you then Draped Up is the place for you to find authentic pieces that are praised in our community.

  • T-shirts: the Main focus here are crew necks, scoop necks, long sleeves, and baseball t’s. They are very basic and perfect for starting a wardrobe. Remember to keep the colors basic as you want to match these pieces with others.
  • Sweatshirts: Basic crew necks sweatshirts are great for the colder seasons, their very simple and cozy. Hoodies are also important and the most worn piece during the colder months.
  • Button Downs: This piece can really upgrade your style if it’s fitted. Patterned button downs are the most popular style. Plaid, Camo, and Floral are usually the most worn pattern. If these don’t appeal to you try an oversized flannel for a more streetwear vibe.



When picking your pants, you must be aware that these will be the backdrop for the rest of your outfit. So it is very important that when creating this wardrobe your pants are versatile and well fitted. A recommendation is that you purchase a slim fit with a taper to really get the most optimal fit. If you are someone who is skinny or likes a skinnier fit, then a skinny fit is another good choice. Although wide legged trousers and other experimental clothing pieces can be awesome for those who know the look. For newcomers, the tapered look is highly recommended as it’s very simple to style, which is our goal when creating our basic wardrobe.

  • Denim: Rule of thumb everyone needs at least a  black and blue pair of denim. We suggest a light wash denim for your blue jeans and black jeans can stay how they are. If you want a more elevated streetwear style then invest some money in distress denim jeans.
  • Chinos: This is an obvious essential, chinos are the most versatile. Khaki’s are usually the most popular color for chino’s. Dyes like navy, olive, and black are also great for any wardrobe.



Usually the focal point of any outfit, your sneakers really need to be up to part with your fit. Though that might sound a little intimidating, here are some suggestion that should help you buy a versatile pair of sneakers.

  • High Tops: These sneakers can really upgrade your bottoms aesthetic, especially if your Denim or Chinos are tapered. White high tops are your best bet when starting off with these type of sneakers. If you would like a different color, colorways with red and black are also very clean.
  • Trainers:  Trainers are very versatile sneakers that go great with any fit especially if you love wearing joggers. These shoes are better worn in the warmer months. Trainers also have an endless amount of colorways so feel free to check out the plethora amount of colors.
  • Boots: Boots can really add some heat to your wardrobe only if their fire. Boots Such as Wheat Timbs are well praised.
  • Other: Some sneakers that you should definitely check out are Adidas Stan Smith, Converse, and Vans. These are the most simple sneakers of all time and can literally go with almost any fit.



Although there are many different styles you can implement in your wardrobe, these basics should be the foundation. Once you figure out what you like and what looks good on you then you can figure out your taste. Whether if it’s extreme layering, hyped clothing, or outright minimalism, learning your basics will keep you fresh at all times.

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