The fashion world, these days has taken a turn to the 90s styles with a new approach to designer class. Fashion is becoming more democratized making the new styles free and allowing people to do what they want to their fits. In saying that, we would like to honor that freedom by looking back on the grunge movement which influenced styles such as DIY and thrift shopping, as well as giving us the ability to look cool under a tight, broke budget.

Let’s take a moment to give some love to the grunge movement.


grunge movement

The Grunge Movement

The grunge movement emerged in the late 80’s in Seattle, Washington in which it became a movement for suburban teens who developed a fashion sense according to how and where they live. This trend involved a lot of warm clothing as well as outfits that had their own rugged personality. Though the grunge movement was not big on peace or anger with things such as politics, it rather signified frustration, loneliness, disenchantment, and disconnectedness, which sparked an unintentional movement. In saying that, grunge did not involve a specific goal such as the hippie or punk movements, instead, the grunge movement seemed to give a voice to a lost generation that was broken and emotionally neglected from the world.

Grunge Movement
Image by Rolling Stone

Grunge Music 

Grunge music really pounded the ears of anyone who would listen to the high frequency of its distorted basses and guitars. Seattle gave birth to a whole new sound and generation that involved Bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Sound Garden. These bands heavily took influences from other rock genres such as heavy metal, rock ‘n roll, and punk which they used to mix together grunge, an outlet that was desperately needed for neglected teens who had tons of feelings to express. In saying that, the grunge music scene did not seem to fit the polished persona of mainstream music but in 1992 grunge exploded into the mainstream due to the release of Nevermind by Nirvana. It involved a variety of emotion which was influential all around the world. This new style of being rugged and broken added on to pop culture which opened new doors.


grunge movement

Grunge Style

Thrifty flannel shirts, ripped jeans, battered converse and ill-fitting Cardis are basically what made up this style. Though simple, it screamed viscously towards popular fashion similar to the punk movement’s belief of anti-fashion. In addition, what made grunge such an anti-fashion movement was its unpredictability with clothing pieces. People wore what they felt like without worrying if colors were matching within their outfits. Due to this sense of freedom, the movement really took off mainstream creating new influencers in pop culture such as Kurt Cobain and Kate Moss. People began identifying themselves with a new mindset.

The grunge style began to push forward while beginning to involve a lot of distress features and dirty battered up clothing, putting an emphasizes on a more faded and DIY style clothing. Because of this unique fashion sense as well as the movement of teens who expressed themselves through these clothes, grunge became a mainstream movement.


grunge movement
Image by Fear of God

 Influence in today’s Pop Culture

We see grunge everywhere, though the grunge movement has died out and the word itself has seemed to fade away amongst fashion, street stylers and celebs, in the past years have been piling on pieces that have a grunge taste. The modern grunge might not focus much on unpredictability and avoiding mainstream fashion but clothing pieces such as flannels, distress jeans, battered converse, and others have not been forgotten.

Just recently most of these pieces have experienced a massive demand for popular clothing brands. Clothing with a lot of distress features as well as simple flannels with converse have made a big presence in pop culture and does not seem to be falling off the map anytime soon. The modern grunge style lets people stop worrying about how neat and crisp their clothing is which gives us the freedom to wear whatever we like, no matter how battered it may be. In saying that, grunge fashion and its movement has had a big influence on our modern culture.

Though it may not be much of a movement, its great to see influencers such as Kanye West, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens and others make grunge fashion relevant to today’s pop culture.

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