Most of us clothing fanatics know that some of the pieces that we want so much are a little too pricey. Whether if it’s a shirt by Gosha, Raf, or Supreme, some pieces can cost a fortune that doesn’t fit in our budget. For some of us, our day job doesn’t pay quite enough for our fashion expenditures and certain bills prevent us from shopping at the Gucci store. With the odds stacked against us, how can we manage to buy new seasonal drops and pick up on pieces like the all other hypebeasts? Well, there are a couple ways to make some extra money for your wardrobe needs. 


Listed below are 4 ways to fund your closet. Let’s check them out!

4 Ways To Fund Your Closet


Quick and simple, youtube is a great way to make some extra bucks. All you need is an interesting idea to attract views and a decent camera and you’re ready to go. Youtube provides the platform and you can use it to make a profit. One thing you should take into consideration is that the money won’t start flowing until you’ve created a buzz, but if you’re patient and if you don’t get demonetized by any “controversial” videos, then the money will start coming in with time!



4 Ways To Fund Your Closet


Freelancing is another way you can gain quick money. You can offer your services for almost anything and get paid a worthy amount. Fiverr is the most popular site but can be slightly competitive. We recommend you provide unique services for the best results!


4 Ways To Fund Your Closet
Image by Zaptio

Customize and Sell

If you’re known to be very artistic and good with arts & crafts, then use your talent for good. Buy yourself some supplies and start customizing your Nike Air Force One’s or a simple white tee. People are always looking for interesting and rare designs that will make them stand out. If the art is good, they’ll pay any amount, considering it’s reasonable. So if you really want to tackle this strategy, start getting creative.


4 Ways To Fund Your Closet
Image from Supreme


Now the resell game isn’t what it used to be. Ever since fakes started to get exposed, people have been very cautious about buying from resellers and only stick to a community they trust. It’s pretty challenging to get people to trust you in a community but if you can achieve this while getting the actual product, then this will get you the most bread. With such brands like Supreme and Palace, clothing pieces can go way over the retail value! If you can pull this off then funding your wardrobe won’t be a problem.


To Sum Up

Making money on the side isn’t too hard, it just takes some work and patience. Before you know it, enough cash will come in steadily and help you fund your wardrobe needs.

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