Streetwear resale has become a global phenomenon in the past few years, people from all over the world are trying their very best to pick out an exclusive item from high-end streetwear brands such as BAPE and CDG (Comme Des Garcons). Due to this, the streetwear scene has not only manifest into a fashion culture, but it has also become one of the biggest underground economies out there.

As it seems, demand for these clothing brands is ridiculously high, for the reason being that most of these best clothing brands to resell always drop an exclusive collection per season. Moreover, for those who are able to pick up on a hyped item, reselling such item could accumulate to a large profit, if in high demand. In saying that, there are many brands that can be resold for a lot of money. However, these four particular clothing brands are the most well regarded in today’s modern streetwear scene.

So let’s check out the 4 Best Clothing Brands For Streetwear Resale.


streetwear resale
Image by Supreme


Let’s just get rid of the obvious, Supreme is definitely the most profitable clothing brand in terms of streetwear resale. Once Supreme announces their season drops, people wait vigorously outside stores, camping out for days on end. This high demand makes Supreme such a fruitful buy as to what is supplied does not meet with what is demanded. To add on, Supreme represents a snapshot of the current generation. They do so by taking advantage producing trendy products that will never be made again.This is why every hyped Supreme item like the box logo is only worth $40 on drop day but when resold, the item can go as high as a whopping $1,000. So if you decide to become a re-seller for Supreme, just know one thing, the profit is great but the commitment is greater.


streetwear resale
Image by Palace Skateboard

Palace Skateboards

This brand has to be one of the most nostalgic and most popular retro streetwear brands in today’s modern fashion. The focus of this brand is to bring the 80’s back to our current trends and make our streetwear vintage. Though Palace may not be the only 80’s styled brand, it’s highly regarded as one of the best. In addition, the demand for this brand follows the same concept of scarcity as supreme. In saying that, what makes Palace such a great clothing brand to resell is it’s strong connection to the youth. Young teens to adults will pay high prices for hyped pieces, though pieces may not be as expensive like supreme, competition will be lowered making it easier to resell a Palace item rather than a product from Supreme.


streetwear resale
Image by Unknown


A Bathing Ape, childlike but not childish. This brand, like others, has gained massive notoriety for it’s simple yet attractive logo. Representing a very youthful audience, the brand has become a streetwear staple in recent years because of their clothing pieces that are heavily influenced by cartoon styled art. Due to the style that BAPE orients it’s brand with, it easily separates itself from other streetwear brands, attracting a lot of different ages, creating a high demand for most BAPE pieces. With resell prices ranging from $80 to $1000 BAPE is a strong contender for streetwear resale. In saying that, just like the others, dedication and work-ethic is the only way you’re going to get your hands on any profitable clothing.


streetwear resale
Image by ASSC

Anti Social Social Club (ASSC)

A brand meant for the socially awkward, Anti Social Social Club is a significant streetwear brand that has become a re-seller pot of gold. With that being said, this brand has to be the most meaningful if you understand why founder Neek Lurk created the brand. However, at the same time, the laziest compared to other brands that were mentioned on this list. ASSC uses images and basic fonts on clothing pieces, which is great, but the reason why this brand is lazy is that of the lack of innovation. We say this because ASSC’s clothing pieces seem to be very similar.

Moreover, ASSC’s lack of creativity doesn’t seem to hurt the brand. The demand for ASSC is high due to its cult following and obvious hype that surrounds the brand for being raunchy and emotionally driven. In addition, the Anti-Social Social Club may not be the highest profiting brand, but it still averages around $200 in market value, making it a worthy profit.


To Sum Up

Though it may not be understandable why some of these brands have such a high resale price, profit is most definitely made. Especially for those who can pick up on a hyped item. With brands like Supreme, Palace, BAPE, and ASSC staying true to their purpose, streetwear will proceed as a staple within our culture for a long time, including reselling. With that being said, competition is high but we got to start somewhere,

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